Embedded Systems Engineer

Lager is looking for an experienced embedded systems engineer to help as we completely re-imagine what testing and debugging looks and feels like for embedded developers. The most important thing we’re looking for in a candidate is someone who has felt the pain of poor testing tools, has experienced the consequences of inadequate testing (e.g. delayed schedules, over budget projects, buggy product launches, or gasp, product recalls) and wants to use those negative experiences as motivation to radically improve the status quo. In short, we want someone who is 100% aligned with our mission to build world class tools in service to the next generation of embedded engineers.


This role will require an engineer who can effectively transition quickly between different responsibilities on a weekly or even daily basis. At a high level your responsibilities will be to:

1. Work with the software team to create comprehensive test plans for new product features – this is important because as a testing platform, there can be no doubt in our users’ mind about the reliability of our product. Who will watch the watchmen? You will.

2. Communicate closely with our customers, understand their evolving needs, and translate that into product improvements and/or features. We are committed to making our customers feel special and we believe that starts with the special relationship our engineers have with our customers.

3. Define and implement the system architecture for the Lager hardware. This will be focused mostly on EE(e.g. schematic capture, board layout, etc). However, managing mechanical consultants/contractors and overseeing enclosure builds will also be required.


We believe the right candidate will have experience in some (but not necessarily all) of the following areas:

∙Continuous Integration systems for firmware development

∙Embedded C

∙Make and CMake

∙PCB design and layout

∙Test automation

∙Test equipment (scopes, logic analyzers, debug probes, host emulators, power supplies)  

About Lager

Lager is a small but growing early stage startup focused on transforming testing and debugging for embedded engineers. We have a technically diverse team with decades of experience in mechatronics, web design and full stack engineering. By joining you will be part of an extremely smart, enthusiastic, and caring team.

Although we are currently a 100% distributed team, because this role involves physical hardware, we do have a preference for candidates in the San Diego area, which is where most of our hardware currently lives. However, given the current state of the world, that is negotiable.

If you're interested in applying please reach out at hiring@lagerdata.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!