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Next-Level Tools for Next-Level Firmware Engineers

CI Told You So

Continuous Integration and Unit Testing are core to every successful embedded engineer's development process. Too many embedded engineers delay implementing robust CI and testing because of the mostly true perception that it will take a lot of time and yak shaving to implement properly. Lager turns that perception on its head. With Lager, embedded engineering teams of any size, from freelancers to large companies, can get setup with on target testing and CI in minutes, not weeks or even months.

No more delaying, implement CI now.

Debugging, Full Speed Ahead

There are a lot of tools available to embedded engineers to help them with their development process. Actually using all the tools at an engineer's disposal is another story. A mess of wires, poorly designed GUIs, and tedious hardware setup means that engineers are often slow to switch between tools. Lager massively streamlines this process and allows engineers to quickly and easily switch between tools in seconds with simple keyboard commands. Lager even enables doing all this remotely.

Don't let outdated tools slow down your development process.

"Last Mile" Hardware Connections

One of the most frustrating thing when getting back a new board is spending the first day "wiring" it up in order to actually connect it to your tools of choice. Doing this with multiple boards is an even bigger annoyance. Every Lager user gets access to our concierge "bed of nails" program. Now, whenever you are ready to spin a new board, simply upload your gerbers to Lager with a list of pin coordinates and functionality, and we'll send you a custom bed of nails that lets you connect to your board immediately upon arrival.

Stop soldering and start testing.

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