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Embedded Engineers: 

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best friend.

Next-Level Tools for Next-Level Firmware Engineers

Continuous Integration and Testing are core to every successful embedded system team's development process. Lager is the fastest way to set up CI and automated testing for embedded projects.

No more delaying, implement CI now.

CI Told You So

A Fresh Take On Debugging

A clean and efficient debugging setup is critical for quickly tracking down and squashing bugs. Lager consolidates the data streams from your favorite tools (GDB, Serial, Oscilloscope, Logic, Host Emulation), into a cohesive and comprehensive dashboard that makes it easy to access the data you want the instant you need it.

Get the most out of your debugging tools.

"Last Mile" Hardware Connections

Accessing points on your PCB is the first step to debugging and setting up automated testing. Lager’s "Bed of Nails" service gives engineers a fast and affordable way to create custom PCB test fixtures that connects seamlessly with Lager.

Stop soldering and start testing.


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