Remote Development and Continuous Integration Tools for Embedded Systems

Build a distributed team that leverages the power of hardware-in-the-loop continuous integration.

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What Lager Offers

Cloud-Based Test Infrastructure

Lager manages all the test infrastructure and prototype hardware. Hardware test automations are integrated seamlessly into your build environment's CI system.

What Lager Offers

Guaranteed Up Time

Testing infrastructure that isn't reliable, is test infrastructure that isn't used. We monitor your setup 24/7 so that you don't have to.

How it works

Connect. Automate. Test.
It's really that simple.

Setting up robust, reliable, and secure, test automation for embedded systems used to be an epic undertaking.
Lager makes the process manageable and maintainable.


Send us your Device Under Test (DUT)

Lager Infrastructure

We instrument it up per your requirements

Lager Backend

Securely test and debug your hardware via the cloud from anywhere

Lager Interface

All your test and debug data easily accessible through our powerful Web App, CLI tool, and Python library


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Dead-simple automated testing is just a click away.

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