Automation For Firmware Integration Testing

- On-Device Testing
- Integrate into CI Workflows
- End-to-end System Tests
- No User Setup

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How it works


You send us your Device Under Test (DUT)

Lager Infrastructure

We instrument it up per your requirements

Lager Backend

We integrate the test infrastructure into a continuous integration workflow

Lager Interface

You write system tests with our easy to use Python library and CLI tool

Why Lager

Catch Real World Bugs

How often do you test your actual firmware, on actual hardware, in an actual system? Lager gives teams the resources to easily implement robust integration testing.

Why Lager

Find Issues Faster

Use continuous integration to run tests daily and find issues minutes after they've been introduced.

Why Lager

Increase Productivity

Lager is a force multiplier for teams small and large. Lager’s powerful platform lets engineers test more with their limited time.

What Lager Offers

Tools For Automating Tests

Control all your testing tools, from power supplies and logic analyzers to JTAG/SWD debuggers and scope probes with a CLI and python library built specifically for hardware engineers.

What Lager Offers

Test Infrastructure Management

Lager provides a dedicated team that ensures the test infrastructure is always online and available. Everything from low-level probe connections to VPN networking is managed by us.

Hassle Free Testing, One Click Away

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