Automated testing for hardware teams.

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What Lager Offers

Dead Simple Automated Testing

Set up test automation in hours, not months. We’ll give you the tools and infrastructure you need to enable on-target testing for all of your devices. From nightly builds, to automated QA testing, Lager has you covered.

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Outline drawing of the Lager hardware
What Lager Offers

Remote Development & Collaboration

You don't need to spend a dime on shipping. Whether it’s flashing your device, running a GDB session, interacting over serial, or reading an analog signal, Lager’s easy to use tools makes the experience feel as if the hardware is sitting right next to you.


Icon showcasing a cord being cut

Cut the Cord

Easily gather data from devices that can’t be tethered to your computer. Or just write some code from your couch!

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Docker-ize Your Build Environment

Easy to use tools for “docker-izing” your build environment. Never hear “But it builds on my machine!” again.

data visualization

Visualize Your Data

Create professional graphs on the fly from any number or inputs to help you visualize and understand your system.

What Lager Offers

The best automated testing platform for embedded.

It used to take embedded systems teams millions of dollars, and months of time, to get a reliable continuous integration pipeline up and running. With Lager you can do it in an hour. Really.




Access your hardware with our internet-enabled gateway.

Lager Backend

Reliably connect via VPN between your computer and DUT

Lager CLI

All your test and debug data easily accessible through the Lager CLI


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