Today's Firmware Engineers are Actually Software Engineers. Start Acting like it.

Don't worry, we didn't forget that firmware engineers deal with real, custom, finicky hardware. Instead, we built a platform that converts your physical hardware into an API. Meet Lager, the world's first API for Hardware. You're still developing and interacting with a real physical board, but you can act like you're not.

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Outline drawing of the Lager hardware
What Lager Offers

Collaborate With Firmware Engineers From Anywhere

Use Lager to enable a virtual debug(JTAG/SWD, UART, GDB, CAN, BLE, etc.) connection to your custom hardware and do real-time development and debugging with fellow engineers thousands of miles away.

What Lager Offers

Catch Bugs While You Sleep

Easily set-up hardware-in-the-loop test automation. Integrate with your favorite build server, and do in-depth regression testing every time code gets pushed.

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Icon showcasing a cord being cut

Cut the Cord

Seamlessly gather data from devices that can’t be tethered to your computer.

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Docker-ize Your Build Environment

Completely encapsulate your build and development environment into a portable Docker Container. Never say “But it builds on my machine!” again.

data visualization

Visualize Your Data

Make charts and graphs on the fly from any number or inputs to help you visualize and understand your system.

How it works

Connect. Code. Test.
It's really that simple.

It used to take embedded systems teams millions of dollars, and months of time, to get a reliable continuous integration pipeline up and running. With Lager you can do it in an hour. Really.




Access your hardware with our internet-enabled gateway.

Lager Backend

Reliably connect via VPN between your computer and DUT

Lager CLI

All your test and debug data easily accessible through the Lager CLI


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